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KZ ZS10 Pro

The KZ ZS10 Pro are affordable, top quality earbuds. With these earbuds, the entire audio is balanced. You hear each song exactly which instruments are in the song and what the rhythm is. In other words, the sound quality is incredibly high without being disturbing. Do you value incredibly clear sound and comfortable fitting earphones? Then we recommend you to buy the KZ ZS10 Pro at Fixim.

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The KZ ZS10 Pro earbuds are so very balanced, you don't even need an EQ. With these earbuds you suddenly hear new instruments in songs and no annoying sharp or high notes. This combined with a great bass and brilliant design, this is a real gem. Also, it is available in multiple colors, and therefore something for everyone.

KZ ZS10 Pro has the perfect fit for every ear

KZ ZS10 Pro offers more than just clear sound. They are also very comfortable. The earphones also feature a beautiful design and high finish. You have a metal exterior in blue or silver and the interior is transparent in various colors. At Fixim we are sure that you will not regret your purchase if you choose these fantastic earbuds. Do you prefer other earphones from KZ? We have several lines in our assortment, such as:

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Do you love listening to music and want to do so with high-quality earbuds? Then you want to buy the KZ ZS10 Pro. You will have hours of listening pleasure without the earbuds becoming boring. Would you like to buy audio accessories in addition to the earbuds? You will also find these in our product range. Order all your desired products easily online. Do you have any questions for us? Then contact us by calling 088 0282000 or sending an e-mail to