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Inspelen of inbranden van je nieuwe oordopjes of in-ear monitors

Break-in or burn-in of your new earbuds or in-ear monitors

You've finally found your perfect set of earbuds or in-ear monitors. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your new purchase. Many people swear by it: when buying new earbuds, they must be burned in or played in. Fact or fable?

You can compare it with your new car: before you can make good use of it, it is recommended not to drive with a trailer, for example, and to drive your first few kilometers between 2000 and 3000 rpm. This extends the life and performance of the car.

Now, it's not exactly like that with earplugs, but there are some things you can do to make your brand new ones sound better! Tuning in the earplugs actually means burning in the systems of the earplugs. This is different for each set. It can be 24 hours playing time, but for the KZ ASX is for example 50 to 100 hours recommended by specialists. After burning in, the earplugs should sound warmer, rounder and more velvety.

But what is the best way to do this?

Opinions are divided on this. Many specialists play this excerpt on their new earbuds overnight, at about 60% volume. Others again say that it is useful to grab your favorite playlist, preferably with some songs with heavy bass.

Roll call or not?

Playing in by putting on a good amount of power noise does change the smoothness of the suspension of the diaphragm in the earbuds. As a result, it is possible that low tones are reproduced better. You can compare this with the suspension of a car, which becomes softer after driving for a while. However, it is also possible to just listen quietly. The disadvantage of the supple membranes in the suspension is that you will sit far above the sound pressure that your ears can handle. So it is not entirely an urban legend but you can also leave it, if your new set already has the ability to reproduce better bass.


There's not much on the internet to say whether it really matters or not. The facts are that speaker systems do not wear out quickly. Often it comes down to the fact that in the beginning (after purchase) and after 'adjustments' such as deliberately burning in or a new cable you listen more concentrated. As a result, when there are differences, you tend to give it an origin, such as playback. Anyway, the above applies mainly to speakers. Whether this also happens on the scale of earbuds is not known or to our knowledge investigated.

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